Designing Functional Service Areas For Comprehensive Car Showroom Construction

car showroom construction

Car showrooms are an integral part of any car dealership. Today, the design of these spaces has evolved to accommodate the demands of modern technology and consumer habits in order to better serve customers and increase their satisfaction. Ultimately, this has resulted in higher sales. Car showrooms are no longer just physical spaces where people can admire the vehicles on sale. They have become venues which provide a selection of services to customers, from test-drives to maintenance and repair work. Let’s see how they plan their facilities to serve these functions.


Perhaps the most important factor when planning a car showroom construction is the location. This determines how many customers will visit the showroom in its lifetime, as well as its visibility from high-traffic areas. In an ideal scenario, the car dealership’s location should be close to a major access route, set back a sufficient distance from the road in order to prevent it being overlooked or overlooked by passing traffic, and have an adequate number of parking spaces.

Shape and orientation

When it comes to choosing the shape and orientation of a showroom, you should consider what type of experience you want customers to have and the overall function of the space. This will determine the amount of natural light you want, and even whether you need a certain amount of space for a car park in front of the showroom.

Automotive Showroom in Herning / Krads | ArchDaily


When it comes to designing your car showroom, one of the decisions you need to make is how many departments to include in each section of the showroom, and how to layout each department on the floor plan. Each type of vehicle sold has different selling requirements from customers, so must be presented in a different way. Smaller vehicles (e.g. scooters) are usually sold while they are stationary. You should also consider where a repair workshop should be located, in order to facilitate the work of your mechanics, as well as how you can transfer customers from the service area to the showroom to buy cars and back again.


Exterior features like decorative signage, awnings and even landscaping can increase your sales figures significantly, especially if you have more than one dealership in a city or town. It is recommended that you make sure you place your showroom strategically with respect to other car dealerships in the area, to attract foot traffic.

In order to obtain the largest number of customers, it is also important to have an attractive showroom, where consumers can immerse themselves in a new world and feel as if they are part of the brand image. In addition, they should be able to view the vehicles with minimum effort and also easily understand the benefits of buying a particular car.