Indicators That It’s Time to Call a Plumber

While some plumbing issues, such as a clogged toilet or a squeaky pipe, can be solved with minimal effort and time, others may appear uncomplicated at first glance but call for more expertise or special equipment than you currently have on hand. Know more about 1-800 PLUMBER +AIR.

No Water

Water was either turned off overnight or diverted to another location if you woke up to discover that you had no running water. You should call a plumber after you’ve checked with your neighbors to see whether the problem is localized to your dwelling. The absence of water is a severe warning sign that something is wrong with your plumbing, such as frozen pipes, big leaks, a backup, or difficulties with the main water supply.

You Have No Hot Water

The hot water tank may go low after a lengthy shower or a long load of laundry, but it’s not acceptable if it takes hours to heat back up. If you regularly have difficulties with your water heater or there is never enough hot water, a plumber should be called in. It might be as simple as a burned-out pilot light or as complex as the need for a new, larger water heater, but in any case, calling a professional plumber is the best way to guarantee everyone’s safety.

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The Water Heater in Your Home Is Overheating

A water heater sweating or “weeping” indicates a persistent leak. Their first sign is often a slow leak from a frayed pipe or a faulty casing, but if left unchecked, they may quickly escalate into far more significant problems. An early call to a plumber might mean a simpler, cheaper fix for any plumbing problems you may be experiencing. Other indicators of a minor leak include rusty areas on the water heater or even the surrounding pipes, corrosion, damp flooring, or an abnormally high level of water in the drip pan.

Low Water Pressure

Although it’s usually just an annoyance, low water pressure might indicate much worse plumbing issue. A damaged or fractured pipe within the wall or underneath the foundation of your house might be the cause. If the leaks in these spots aren’t fixed, it might spell disaster for your house. Call a plumber if you notice low water pressure in many fixtures.