A closer look at Singapore interior design

A closer look at Singapore interior design

Maximalism is unmistakably a part of South Asian design. On the other hand, small spaces are mostly the rage right now. With a slew of new micro-hotels springing up, small-room interior design is becoming increasingly important. Instead of going over the top with the entire decor, you can concentrate on a few key elements. You don’t have much room to work with, and it can quickly become cluttered and unsightly! However, do you believe that a small area must be lacking style? Certainly not! With a few trendy things, anyone can make a statement.

Condos were minimalist homes that have been pared down to their bare essentials, with the function taking precedence over the appearance. Whenever it comes to condominium furniture decorating, the key is to keep things clutter-free and straightforward to keep the home stress-free. Here are some ideas for bringing the essence of minimalism into your Singapore interior design condo.

White on White with Wood

Simple carpentry featuring clean lines and hidden storage is popular right now. The anthem for a trendy condo design is “no protruding handles, no untidy outlines.”

The comforting and lived-in vibe of a muted cream & wood tone is adored. It’s enough to have only the essential decorations that enhance the natural vibe, and a cluttered look is a lounge room design blunder to avoid.

Condominiums in Singapore are embracing cement screed surfaces and sleek, modern furniture. The grey and black colors complement the apartment’s masculine vibe.

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More new concepts

We see many more open-concept homes with kitchen walls chopped out to make room for light, broad eating areas. This contributes to creating a stylish yet open kitchen space to make cooking enjoyable and stress-free.

The use of independent counters inside the significant kitchen area is yet another trend that has been noted regularly all year round and is likely to continue. Bar countertops are just what we seek in a modern house, whether for slow Sunday morning breakfasts or late-night beverages with your mates.

For a fresh take on top design trends, creative methods to adorn your walls have sprung up throughout the year. Whether it’s a stylish and sophisticated exhibition wall or a blackboard wall popular with kids, each design is a unique take on furniture decorating.

Even something as simple as just a tapestry, a striking mirror, or even flora may give a blank wall a new lease on life.