Gift Your Loved Ones a Preserved Flowers in Glass Dome Singapore

Preserved Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers as a gift. The freshness and fragrance of flowers are what make the receiver content and happy. Without flowers, the world would be a lot duller. Flowers are the best gifts and decorations for all kinds of occasions. The flower industry has made significant progress and has become creative in its ways. Now you cannot only gift a bouquet of fresh flowers, but gift preserved flowers in glass dome singapore that have gained enormous popularity for quite some time. One of the best benefits of the flower domes is that they remain fresh for a long time.

What are preserved flowers?

The moisture and foliage of the fresh flowers are replaced with glycerine that makes the natural look preserved for a long period. These preserved flowers last for many years depending on how much you care about them.

If you are looking for a gift for someone special – whether it is for a special occasion or for surprising a friend, you would want to try preserved flowers in a glass dome over plain regular flower bouquets. Days, when you used to fumble over what kinds of gifts you wanted to give to your loved ones, are over now. The preserved flowers in glass dome Singapore are perfect with a hint of personalization in them. These are used as paperweights and also for decorative purposes around the house.

preserved flowers in glass dome singapore

Say goodbye to flower wilting

It is often seen that gifted flowers wilt with time, but there is no such problem with preserved flowers. They are unequivocally elegant and timeless that is long-lasting, serving as rustic décor pieces. While fresh flowers have their own features, the preserved ones can be easily maintained. Preserved flowers are versatile that can be used as decorative accents, ranging from bookmarks to decorating the wall.

Where to buy flower domes?

You will find numerous options while shopping for preserved flowers in the dome, but not a single one of them comes close to what Fav Florist has to offer. The glass dome offered by them comes with unique variations and twists in the classic flower bouquet.

The preserved flowers in the glass dome are accentuated with LED lights, giving a breath-taking display. When you order a flower dome at Fav Florist, you also receive a complimentary gift card and balloons along with the present. You can personalize the gift by adding a message for your giftee.