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We all know how important safety is in every industrial space we encounter. And, we have realized that more urgently after the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world and crippled it economically, socially as well as culturally. The insistence on hygiene and safety is more of a norm now with industries putting up tighter and tougher rules for any kind of non-compliance. All of this created a kind of boom in the safety tools manufacturing agencies with markets flooding with abundant quantities of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits, food processing gloves, 3-Ply masks, etc. But, certainly, not all of them are genuine and effective.

For this reason, it is advised that customers make well-informed decisions regarding what kind of materials they are picking up. They should be sure of their authenticity which should be backed up by third-party testing agencies.

food processing gloves

Why does the food industry have a lot of safety rules and regulations? 

Well, everybody wants to have their food safe and hygienic. You certainly would not want to find someone’s hair in your food. How gross, right? But, it is generally observed that what we miss by overemphasizing customer safety is how the worker’s safety is ensured. It is not to state that there is some sort of hierarchy between the two in terms of whose safety should be dealt with on a priority basis. Because the real fact is that without ensuring workers’ safety you cannot ensure that the customer’s safety is entirely taken care of. It is for the fact that the relationship between the two is directly proportional to each other, at least in the food processing industry so to say.

What are the indispensable tools that are a must for the food processing industry? 

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a healthy food processing industry is the use of quality gloves that are cut-resistant and can bear extreme temperature conditions, hot as well as frostbite kind of situations. They should be immune to any chemical reaction with the food ingredients and should be perfectly fit for safe, easy, and proper use. Their material should also not be adulterated with any kind of additive that may have the potential chance of leaking into the food. This can have grave consequences. SafetySam’s gloves are highly effective in all these respects to provide you with maximum dexterity that will surely ensure that the food is free from any harmful contamination and is 100% safe.